The intersection of individual personality and social context

Identity, Life Purpose, and Relationship Coaching

Identity and Life Purpose

It is my belief that each of us has a one true self we are meant to be, and our life has specific purposes our one true self is uniquely qualified to contribute to the universe. This one true self is our identity. Identity distinguishes one individual from another. It is the answer to the questions who am I, what is intrinsically me, what am I about?  

Life purpose is what our identity compels us to do. Identity and life purpose are inherently congruent. Unfortunately, in present day society we spend precious little time considering our identity, which can make identifying our life purpose difficult. In order to answer the questions What should I do, and what should I be? we must first explore Who am I?

The Process

Identity coaching improves self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-acceptance. First, I focus on revealing the core identity utilizing theories of personality. Next, I focus on exploring the natural gifts and talents and ways to energize and maximize their use. Then, I fold in the social context to illuminate environments that thwart, and environments that stimulate, individual uniqueness. Transformation takes place when individuals have a better understanding of themselves and how to navigate social situations.

Relationship coaching improves understanding of others and promotes valuing the perspectives of others. First, I focus on contrasting the different types of people utilizing theories of personality. Next, I explore the potential points of conflict and commonality, while practicing how to utilize perspective shifting to improve interactions. Then, I explore the social context and how it impacts the relationship. Transformation takes place when individuals can anticipate the perspective of others and truly appreciate the value they bring to the relationship.

Who Needs It?

·   Anyone who wants to understand more about their own identity and life purpose

·   Anyone who needs to know how to effectively interact with others

·   Anyone who is confused or lost, or at a turning point in their life - When you know that things cannot continue to be the way they have been. 

What It Is

·   An opportunity to focus on yourself and your future - who you are, and who you want to become.

·   A new perspective on yourself, with a language you can use to promote your identity, purpose, and potential.

·   A new perspective on others, with a lens to understand their view of the world and their view of you.

What It Is Not

Definitive answers. You will not discover which career you should pursue, which mate you should choose, what house you should live in, what therapy you should begin, or whether you would make a good parent. However, you will learn important information about yourself that would be crucial to making any of life’s tough decisions.

Statement of Confidentiality

This process and all consultation is completely confidential. As a practitioner of psychological type and temperament, I am strictly prohibited from divulging your type/temperament to anyone without your expressed permission. This is to protect your privacy, and to maintain ethical use of psychological type. It will be your decision to share your type with other people. Most people discover that the information is something they want to share with others so they can be better understood, but his will be your decision to make.